Culture For The Left Brained Leader

A must-read strategy book for the left-brained business leaders and operators aiming to leverage culture to gain a competitive advantage for growth, scale and innovation.

What You'll Learn

In this book you will learn the considerations to scale culture alongside your fast-growing company
  • What got you to the current stage of growth won't get you to the next stage of growth
  • Why you need to start with culture and leverage it as a key strategic asset
  • Why a self-directed team is critical to culture
  • How to facilitate transition
  • How the difference in everyday moments is what builds the culture of an organization
  • What worked for top companies might not necessarily work for you
  • Connecting culture with strategy as the key to sustainable growth and an ecosystem of innovation

Advanced Praise For Culture For The Left-Brained Leader

It wasn't until I understood and reinforced daily the powerful propulsion of culture that began its steep upward trajectory and eventual sale to the Home Depot. Until you understand how to master and leverage culture, you will forever be bewildered as to why all the logical systems you implemented never quite worked. Read Culture for the Left-Brained Leader for your step-by-step playbook for success beyond what you ever dreamed possible.

Jay Steinfeld

Founder and former CEO,; author of Lead From The Core: The Four Principles For Profit and Prosperity

Business culture is vital to all organizations, but so few are able to viably create a sustainable culture! If you're a pragmatic and are looking for a culture roadmap, this book is for you.

Rich Christiansen

Parallel entrepreneur; national bestselling author of The Zig Zag Principle and Bootstrap Business; Chairman of Southern Utah University; former executive at Mitsubishi Electric, Novell, and

There doesn't have to be a chasm between leadership and culture, and Andrew Kim is the definitive expert at bridging the gap. In Culture for the Left-Brained Leader, he is able to demystify the reasoning and business incentives behind its importance. Kim's approach is a game-changer for organizations of any size. Our company has personally used this strategy and we have seen employees and leadership alike rally around the results.

David Stagg

Co-Founder, Mainline

If you are looking to truly understand how to build an effective culture in your organization that fully supports you as a leader, then Culture for the Left-Brained Leader is the book that hasn't existed until now. Dr Kim takes the abstract nature of 'culture' and creates a logical framework that no-nonsense leaders can take and implement into their business immediately.

Brandon Allen

Founder of the New Work Revolution

About The Author

Andrew Kim DDS, MS, MBA

Dr. Andrew YJ Kim is the co-founder of Culture ’n Strategy, an advisory firm that helps scale-ups and fast-growing companies navigate their growth journey.  He specializes in a synchronized approach to strategy and culture, a complex intersection between two advanced topics that few can navigate.  
Drawing from his extensive experience in his own businesses and guiding organizations through strategic culture transformations, his book will walk you through an extraordinary journey of reaching greater heights. 

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